FCC Approves Time Warner Cable Spinoff

The WSJ is reporting that the FCC has Approved Time Warner’s Cable Spinoff.  TWC is currently the cable company where I live, and I am not really satisfied with the service.  Previously, I was a Comcast customer, but that changed when they divided up Adelphia, and in the process swapped territories to control markets.  Comcast had HD OnDemand, and their Internet service was more reliable.

I am really not happy that my only other option is AT&T U-Verse.  I would love for Verizon to take on both these guys with a FiOS overbuild in the Orange County market. Or for BOXEE to port their code to the G4 so I could run it on the old Mac Mini I have connected to my TV.

Also, it is interesting to see what Obama’s FCC will allow, as it will be interesting to see what kind branding and market valuation TWC gets.