My Smartphone Pleads The Fifth

A welcome ruling, in my humble opinion. The Rule of Law only works when it applies to everyone, including the police. These aren't telephone, these are cloud connected computers that are more powerful than the bold mainframes that put is on the moon.


Supreme Court says police cannot search cellphones
Cellphones and smartphones cannot be searched by police during arrests without a warrant, the Supreme Court ruled Wednesday.

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First Sale Doctrine

SCOTUS has decided 6-3 that buyers of foreign copyrighted works can resell them in the US.  A graduate student from Thailand set up a business doing just that on eBay, and the publishers, who set lower prices overseas, and higher prices in the US for the same book, didn't like that. 

I expect we'll see more folks trying to arbitrage items now.


Supreme Court Boosts Right to Resell Copyrighted Goods | Threat Level |
The Supreme Court rules that buyers of foreign copyrighted works may resell them in the United States without the copyright holder’s permission, a 6-3 decision Tuesday affirming the so-called “first s…

Wide Ranging Patent Implications

This case is now before the SCOTUS. I've posted about it before, and think this article brings a bit more to the conversation.

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Farmer’s case might impact Silicon Valley
Monsanto, a case now before the Supreme Court, could be crucial to the way software companies fight for their patents. The impact of the judges’ decision is one that will surely extend beyond far…

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Trolling for Trouble

What is the definition for "software patent"?

Ding Ding Ding! That's right, we don't have a legal standard for that term from Congress here in the US..  SCOTUS has said that not all software is eligible for a patent, and so the implications of Congress defining that term are almost more interesting to me than whether trolls should have to cover the legal fees when they lose.

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Bill would force patent trolls to pay defendants' legal bills
Legislation would be the first time Congress defines "software patent."

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