Lego Could Get More Girls Into Science

Then there would be more women into science. And that would make science even more awesomely scientific.

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Lego’s female scientist set could inspire a generation of girls to become scientists
Even in Legoland, men have long dominated science. That’s about to change, though. The Danish company just launched Lego Research Institute, a $19.99 line featuring a paleontologist, astronomer and a chemist. Behold: This trio of one-inch female scientists was created by Ellen Kooijman, a “real-life geoscientist,” and selected by vote among LEGO Ideas members. It…

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Silent Spring

I am moving the doodles celebrating woman in science.

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Celebrating a famous marine biologist.

The #GoogleDoodle  today celebrates a famous American  marine biologist: Rachel Louise Carson.

Carson, is best known for Silent Spring, the book "widely credited with launching the modern global environmental movement."

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Collisions between protons and lead ions at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have produced surprising behavior in some of the particles created by the collisions. The new observation suggests the collisions may have produced a new type of matter known as color-glass condensate.

No one expects quark gluon plasma effects!

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MIT news
Unexpected data from the Large Hadron Collider suggest the collisions may be producing a new type of matter.

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Light My Fire

She Blinded Me With Science

The video reveals that sunlight, streaming in through a bullet proof glass window, is magnified by some vodka bottles, setting a cardboard sign to smoldering.  The ceiling fan above apparently fanned the flames, and soon you've got a fire.

Of course, it happend in … wait for it … Burnsville.

I think +MythBusters needs to immediately investigate.

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WATCH: Sunlight Sparks Vodka Fire In Liquor Store
Anthropologists have been working for decades to try to figure out why the Russian people have been so attached to vodka for so much of their nearly 2000-year history. But the answer may just have bee…

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