Pristine Wilderness

Unspoiled land combined with World Heritage sites, Transylvania seems to have a bright future now that Romania is part of the EU.

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Transylvania draws Prince Charles, other blue bloods, to Romania
ZABALA, Romania — Like Transylvania itself, the century’s-old estate owned by Gregor and Alexander Roy-Chowdhury in the Carpathian mountains of central Romania is a work in progress.

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Dacia Driven

Romania is proud of its pre-Roman Dacian history, and those ancestors would likely be amazed to see these cars which bare their name. Quality vehicles at a fair price. Nice.


Dacia Thrives as Europe’s Cheapest Cars Revive Romania
Viorel Oprea practically shudders as he recalls working at the Dacia auto factory in communist Romania. The plant in the town of Mioveni was a tumbledown collection of gray-concrete buildings surrounded by rusty barbed-wire fences. In the summer it was a sweatshop, and in the winter Oprea had to layer three coats to stay warm.

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When Not Voting Is Still A Vote

It would appear the majority of Romanians are more concerned with the Rule of Law than with an alleged plagiarist‘s political machinations.

Either that, or a combination of heat and the Romanian Women's Gymnastic team being on TV kept voter turnout low.

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Romania impeachment vote falls short, president says –
Embattled Romanian President Traian Basescu declares victory after exit polls indicated low voter turnout would doom a referendum on whether to remove him.

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