Mmmmm, Bacon!

The New York Times recently covered a recipe I first saw on Digg. Basically, these two guys made famous he idea of weaving about $20 worth of bacon together into a ‘cloth’, and then filling it with Italian Sausage, and rolling it up into a loaf.

Bacon Explosion

Bacon Explosions by BBQ Addicts

You prepare this in a smoker for 2 hours. I think this thing has 5000 calories and 500 grams of fat. I’m guessing the NY TImes covered this with the idea that people will make these for the Super Bowl. I can imagine what Tampa will smell like with people tailgating and preparing these, along with a Turducken, in the smoker outside the stadium.

Maybe some day I’ll prepare one of these out back. The original recipe can be found here, over at BBQ Addicts.