The Killing

Thank you, Netflix, for bringing this show back for a final (if shortened) season. Miereille Enoi and Joel Kinnaman have drawn me in for a few seasons now. Definitely one of the unknown great shows out there.

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‘The Killing’ Revived Again at Netflix
Two months after the crime drama’s second cancelation, The Killing is being resurrected for a fourth season at Netflix. The streaming service, which stepped up to make the last revival feasible, will air six episodes, which will be billed as the series’ “final season.” AMC, which developed and …

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Netflix Arrests Development of Arrested Development

Apparently we are in for one season only, as a "non-repeatble" event.  Basically, it seems it would just be too difficult to get the cast together for a 5th season.  So, enjoy it while it lasts, and be prepared to watch it come to an end once again.

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‘Arrested Development’ Will Only Have One Season on Netflix

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People Don't Get Malaria In Palo Alto

So I probably shouldn't admit that I'm already up to Chapter 3 of the  bingeworthy new Americanized version of House of Cards that is streaming on +Netflix, but when they got to the scene where this conversation takes place, I wanted to share:

Claire: You had Malaria?
Gillian: In Zimbabwe. That took me out for a month.
Claire: You make a lot of sacrifices.
Gillian: I don't see it as a sacrifice.
Claire: You turned down a six figure salary at Google to start your own non-profit. People don't get Malaria in Palo Alto.
Gillian: (Laughs, coughs.) You do your research.
Claire: When it's someone I care about.
Gillian: Claire, I turned down that job because I would have hated myself. It was a lot of money, but for what? So they could fill their diversity quota with an Asian girl pedaling a Stanford degree?
Claire: Not just any Asian girl. A valedictorian. Let me offer you what Google couldn't. I know what it is to be capable and beautiful and ambitious  and be on people like Larry and Sergey's checklist of things that look good to have on a shelf. I'm not trying to acquisition you. What I see in you is a woman I admire, which doesn't happen often. I want to enable you.  I want to clear the way for you so that you can achieve what you want to achieve. On your own terms. Thanks for the tea.

Ouch. Cynical. Funny.  And, for the record, Claire is  trying to 'acquisition' Gillian, so add manipulative.  And nobody sits on a shelf at Google, at least in my experience. Nobody. ;)

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Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’ creates social media buzz-binge
Netflix Inc. ‘s strategy of simultaneously releasing all 13 episodes of its new political drama “House of Cards” is generating social media buzz — with well over 10,000 mentions since the show’s de…

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Fighting The Internet. Sigh

Hollywood Killed The Video Star

Hey movie industry, come on in, the bits are fine. I completely agree with the argument in this article, and worry one of America's great industries is committing suicide. It is crazy that I can't rent any 2011 blockbuster on-line in August of 2012. If I didn't stream old movies on Netflix, I wouldn't watch much at all. The DVD is dead; I haven't bought or rented one in over 20 months.

In my case, I'm not pushed to piracy, but I do read more than I have in years.

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How Hollywood Is Encouraging Online Piracy: Scientific American
The death of the DVD is pushing users to piracy

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