SXSW 2013 – Free Music

NPR is offering 100 tracks from SXSW for free.  Nice.  Also, available in a single ZIP file.#music   #free

The Austin 100: A SXSW 2013 Mix : NPR
Between now and April 4, stream and download 100 songs by artists worth discovering at SXSW 2013. Handpicked from among thousands of artists, this genre-traversing playlist picks highlights, discoveri…

Beck Deconstructs Bowie

From +WIRED : Beck turns the three-minute single, originally from the classic 1977 album Low, into a nine-plus epic that literally takes the song apart and rebuilds it with the help of more than 160 other musicians including a string orchestra, a marching band, a theramin player and someone playing the musical saw, as well as the Dap-Kings, the band responsible for the horns on Amy Winehouse’s classic Back to Black album. The result is amazing. Listen for yourself.

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Miles Davis: Listen Up

Miles knew what was going on back in 1964:

That’s what’s fucking up music, you know. Record companies. They make too many sad records, man.

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Miles Davis – blind listening test – Noise made me do it – sound,music and things that tickle your ears
Down Beat Magazine interviewed Miles Davis in 1964 and asked him for his opinion on some music via a blind listening test, and checked his ability to pick out other musicians based on the way they pla…

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