Lego Ends Shell Partnership

Over 6 million views for this viral video by Greenpeace depicting a Shell oil spill in the arctic. Lego will not renew a 50 year old deal with Shell in which toys have been sold in stations around the world.

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Lego Could Get More Girls Into Science

Then there would be more women into science. And that would make science even more awesomely scientific.

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Lego’s female scientist set could inspire a generation of girls to become scientists
Even in Legoland, men have long dominated science. That’s about to change, though. The Danish company just launched Lego Research Institute, a $19.99 line featuring a paleontologist, astronomer and a chemist. Behold: This trio of one-inch female scientists was created by Ellen Kooijman, a “real-life geoscientist,” and selected by vote among LEGO Ideas members. It…

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Happy 80th to Lego

To celebrate their first 80 years, Lego has released a17-minute story of the company's history. Who could have imagined plastic bricks would bring so much joy to generations of kids?


Lego Celebrates 80th Birthday With Whimsical Animated Short [VIDEO]
To recognize 80 years of toy creation, Lego has released this 17-minute story of the company's history.

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Lego Pollo Hermanos

Breaking Bad's meth lab done in plastic Lego bricks. I don't think you can find this kit at Target …

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This Breaking Bad meth lab LEGO set is unsuitable for children
If you've ever wondered what the taut methamphetamine drama Breaking Bad would look like as an innocent plastic brick diorama, ponder no longer. Redditor GaryIsYouDotCom recently posted his friend's r…

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Pink Lego Bricks

A reward from!

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We've had almost one million people try out & to celebrate we thought we'd share a cool little easter egg with all of you builders out there…


To enable this easter egg simply press SHIFT + P while in the builder screen to switch the brick colour to pink. Check out this cool nyan cat that incorporates the secret colour :)

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I guess this is what I need to complete my SciFi spaceship #lego  collection. This is totally awesome! #twt  


‘LEGO’ Dalek Spaceship Set In Pictures – OMG! Daleks!
Tweet. Character Building have released promotional image of their forthcoming 'Dalek Spaceship' playset. The highly detailed building set contains moveable parts, interior and exterior, detachable sk…

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