Dangerous Liaisons

Here are some interesting gift ideas for the personal safety minded Apple fanboi on your shopping list.

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The most dangerous case: 3 ways to weaponize your iPhone
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ Share on LinkedIn Share on Pinterest There’s a line in a song that goes, “Every tool is a weapon if you hold it right”—and that goes double when your smartphone case has an extra edge. Like, say, a stun gun. Michael HomnickI wasn’t kidding. This…makes quite the impression. It isn’t unique, either—iPhone cases have been weaponized in multiple ways, gaining everything from DIY studs to a pis…

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Gradiente iPhone Neo One

For 599 reals (around $304), you can by an Android powered iPhone in Brazil, and it isn't made by Apple.  It seems Gradiente filed for a trademark in Brazil on the term iPhone in 2000, seven years before Apple released the original iPhone.  Of course, Gardiente didn't release an iPhone model until December 2012.

Product page:

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Apple loses iPhone ruling in Brazil
Brazil’s trademark office rules that Apple does not have exclusive rights to the iPhone name, allowing a rival’s handsets to continue using the same brand.

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An Intern A Day

Foxconn can't catch a break, it seems, when it comes to reporting on iPhone manufacturing.  In this case, the reporting is local, coming from Shanghai Daily and First Financial Daily of China.

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Chinese students reportedly required to ‘intern’ at Foxconn producing Apple’s next iPhone
Reports are surfacing out of China that Apple manufacturer Foxconn has turned to two-month "internships" from nearby universities to compensate for a labor shortage ahead …

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