Preserving a Free and Open Internet?

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski gave a speech today in which he discussed his vision for the future of broadband and the Internet, specifically as related to keeping it ‘open.’ Also, the Washington Post has an article which says the FCC is about to pass a new set of net neutrality rules. The new rules seem to be meant to enforce the idea that network providers will need to allow any application to run on their network, and that if they use ‘traffic management’ tools, they will need to do so in a transparent way. This would also likely mean that content providers will be happy, as network operators wouldn’t be allowed to provide faster or slower access to specific sites or applications.

Interesting stuff. We’ll be keeping track of these developments with an eye of how they might affect your business’s ability to stay well connected.

Posted on the MegaPath Connectivity Blog as “Protecting Your Mobile Workforce from Sheep (Firesheep, that is)”