Silent Spring

I am moving the doodles celebrating woman in science.

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Celebrating a famous marine biologist.

The #GoogleDoodle  today celebrates a famous American  marine biologist: Rachel Louise Carson.

Carson, is best known for Silent Spring, the book "widely credited with launching the modern global environmental movement."

You can read more about the #Doodle  in this article from +The Independent: 

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Olympic Rainbow

Feeling the Pride!

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Heute gibt's ein buntes #GoogleDoodle zum Start der Olympischen Winterspiele.

"Die Ausübung von Sport ist ein Menschenrecht. Im Sinne des olympischen Gedankens muss jeder Mensch die Möglichkeit zur Ausübung von Sport ohne Diskriminierung jeglicher Art haben. Dies erfordert gegenseitiges Verstehen im Geist von Freundschaft, Solidarität und Fairplay." – Olympische Charta

"La pratique du sport est un droit de l’homme. Chaque individu doit avoir la possibilité de faire du sport sans discrimination d’aucune sorte et dans l’esprit olympique, qui exige la compréhension mutuelle, l’esprit d’amitié, de solidarité et de fair-play." –Charte olympique

"La pratica dello sport è un diritto dell'uomo. Ogni individuo deve avere la possibilità di praticare lo sport senza discriminazioni di alcun genere e nello spirito olimpico, che esige mutua comprensione, spirito di amicizia, solidarietà e fair-play." – Tradotto da Google dalla Carta Olimpica


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There Is Something Curious About This Doodle

I love the fact that the Google Doodle for today has been updated, with the blimp that was circling the stadium being replaced with Curiosity.

As well as  +NASA  getting a plug on the search page: And we have lift off! Celebrate 50 years of the Kennedy Space Center with Google Maps

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