Gmail SMS

In Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya, you can now send and receive Gmail over SMS, whether or not you have an Internet connection.  The extended reach for email that this creates over the popular SMS networks in these countries could help open up the world a bit more.

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Official Google Africa Blog: Send and receive Gmail on your phone as SMS
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Gmail Finally Gets Contact Merge

The Official Gmail Blog has announced four changes to gmail contacts.  The only one of these that I really care about is merging contacts.  It has been very annoying to have 3 or 4 entries for my friends who maintain work, personal and old email addresses.

The other feature which I can see will be useful, if I ever use Google Sync, is the ability to remove people from ‘My Contacts’, so that you don’t have to carry around information about people who just happened to have sent you email.

I can’t believe it took so long for them to get this working, but as of today, I have a much cleaner contact list in Gmail.