I'd Buy That For A Dollar

Some interesting ebooks in this bundle. For literally any price, you can get a copy of American Gods with no DRM, which is alone worth the price of admission. Pay more than $7.50 or so, and you can get quite the collection.

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Humble Bookperk Bundle Presented by HarperCollins Publishers
HarperCollins is here with a perk, a Bookperk to be precise! Name your price for up to 14 books in the Humble Bookperk Bundle!

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E-Book Price War This Way Comes?

With apologies to Ray Bradbury

The price of e-books could soon be dropping as a result of this decision.

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Judge Approves E-Book Pricing Settlement Between Government and Publishers
In a widely expected decision, Judge Denise L. Cote approved conditions that curb publishers' ability to restrict a retailer's "discretion over e-book pricing.

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Market Transformation

A well written piece on how the introduction of paperback books transformed the way Americans read. Given the current issues around digital publishing this is a timely piece.


How Paperbacks Transformed the Way Americans Read – Mental Floss
How Paperbacks Transformed the Way Americans ReadHalf a century before e-books turned publishing upside down, a different format threatened to destroy the industry.

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