This is an interesting application of social communications to detect and alert swimmers of Shark activity in Australia.

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Australians fight shark attacks with Google+ and ‘clever buoys’
As a young boy on Long Island, I spent many a summer at Robert Moses beach. With the exception of the occasional jellyfish sting, it was very safe. Unfortunately, a child’s imagination can be rather powerful. After seeing the movie Jaws, I would become frightened when the seaweed would rub against me. Even though it was only a plant hitting my leg, in my mind, I pictured a ferocious shark.

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Significant Investor

Apparently for an investment of AUD$5 million you can now become a permanent resident in Australia, after you reside in the country for four years.  About 187 people have applied so far …


Australia Offers Visa for Millionaires
Australia appears to have developed a source of potential foreign investment through a new program offering overseas millionaires the right of residency in return for a portion of their wealth.

Visit the USA!

This article points out that Adobe is trying to encourage travel to the USA, with hopes that Australians will bring their very strong dollar here and  help out the economy.  

Or, at least that could be the case, considering their pricing. This  seems to be true because you can either spend $4,333 on CS Master 6 in Australia, or you can spend the same $4,333 on a round trip ticket to the USA, and get CS Master 6 at any Best Buy or Frys while on your visit.  Oh, and you can see LA or San Francisco while you are here.

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It is cheaper to fly to US than buy Adobe software in Australia
ADOBE has buckled under the pressure of the Federal Government’s IT Pricing inquiry.

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Advance Notice Down Under

Here come the elections, as the Gillard's labor government breaks tradition, and gives the opposition advance notice and plenty of time to prepare.

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Gillard Declares Sept. 14 Election as Labor Trails in Polls
Prime Minister Julia Gillard set Australia’s election for Sept. 14, the longest advance notice in at least 60 years, as her minority Labor government seeks to close the gap in opinion polls with the o…

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