Captain Crunch, Woz & Jobs Walk Into A Bar

Okay, no punch line, but +ʞɐıuzoʍ ǝʌǝʇs has written a great piece here.

Help out the Captain if you can.

Inspiring, as always. From Blue Boxes to Easy Writer.

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The man who made Apple possible is in trouble—and you can help him
Perhaps you don’t know John Draper aka “Captain Crunch” but, if you’re using a MacBook or an iPhone today, it’s because of him. He and his blue box were a fundamental inspiration for Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in making Apple. He’s now in trouble and needs our help. Woz has written this fascinating article so you can understand how he influenced them both and how much we all owe him.

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Experience the Power of a bookbook™

“The 2015 IKEA catalog comes fully charged, and the battery is eternal,” says an exec named Jörgen Eghammer, also known as Chief Design Guru. He explains that this catalog is not a digital book or an e-book, but a bookbook. “The navigation is based on tactile touch technology that you can actually feel,” he adds.

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Gradiente iPhone Neo One

For 599 reals (around $304), you can by an Android powered iPhone in Brazil, and it isn't made by Apple.  It seems Gradiente filed for a trademark in Brazil on the term iPhone in 2000, seven years before Apple released the original iPhone.  Of course, Gardiente didn't release an iPhone model until December 2012.

Product page:

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Apple loses iPhone ruling in Brazil
Brazil’s trademark office rules that Apple does not have exclusive rights to the iPhone name, allowing a rival’s handsets to continue using the same brand.

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From Apple, With Love


Machine translated comment from the original Russian iPhone site ( that broke the story on twitter (@iphones_ru):

Update: Most likely, the problem arrises because of links: the people responsible for iTunes, put the “temporary” link type xx.xx.xx. That’s just such a site exists, and, as we have seen today, has nothing to do with the ideals of the company. Waiting for the fix.

Which doesn't seem quite right, but could be in the right direction.

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NSFW: Apple’s Russian iTunes launch plagued with bug displaying escort/pornography sites | 9to5Mac
“In Soviet Russia, Porn blocks Apple.” It appears Apple’s launch of iTunes music and movies in Russia is running into a bit of controversy with several Russian users noticing advertising for pornograp…

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Foxbot 10k

Foxconn's President Terry Gou figures he can deal with some of his labor issues by replacing workers with robots.  The first 10,000 have arrived, and another 20,000 might be installed this year.

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1 Million Robots To Replace 1 Million Human Jobs At Foxconn? First Robots Have Arrived.
Foxconn, the Chinese electronics manufacturer that builds numerous mobile devices and gaming consoles, has been in the media lately because of labor issues, complaints over working conditions, rumored…

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The Steve Jobs Building

It makes sense that Pixar would honor Steve Jobs in this way,  as Steve made his first billion there.  Also, he  was apparently very involved in the design of the building itself.

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Pixar Names Building After Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs is often associated with Apple, but many often forgot that the visionary played a large role in the creation of Pixar. He financed the work at the studio long before it became profitable, p…

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I Heard The News Today … Oh Boy

Ah, the circle of life. Will the art of Lennon & McCartney outlive the designs of Steve Jobs? I think so …

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The long and winding road: Beatles’ Apple Corps logo now belongs to Apple Inc.
The “Long and Winding Road” appears to be over. On Wednesday, October 24, 2012 the Canadian IP Office announced that the famed Beatles recording label logo for

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