Trust U.S

The federal government has credibility regarding WMDs earned during the Iraq war. Not.

But trust them, PRISM has thwarted such efforts, and you don't understand what PRISM really is, and how it works.

I believe the last point.


U.S. Official Releases Details on Prism
A top U.S. intelligence official on Saturday declassified some details about the purpose and operations of an effort that obtains information from U.S. Internet companies as part of foreign-surveillance effort

One thought on “Trust U.S

  1. Trust, but verify. I have noticed that cross examination to determine the truth is not available under this law.  Closed court is secret. Public officials are not subject to cross examination. What if their word is not their bond? I routinely reject 80% of what a politician says in his rhetoric and subject the remainder 20% to verification of three  reliable sources. If it's a secret I have no way of verifying what they said was true or spin.

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