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If this gentleman looks familiar, it is likely because he taught your grandparents how to use WordPerfect 5.1 via one of his Video Professor tutorials. ;)

+Canless Air System 


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Win One of 5 Hurricane Canless Air Systems!

Hey folks, you can thank +Marc Wenning for this one!  He asked me about the Hurricane +Canless Air System so I reached out to them and got one to try.  Here's a video interview with their CEO – who donated 5 units for giveaways!  Here's how you can win one…

1) Do you have me in a Circle? Great. If you win I can contact you. :-)
2) Circle +Canless Air System 
3) Publicly reshare this post.

That's it!  On Monday we'll pick some winners and the Hurricane guys will ship 'em out.  (For now, this is only open to folks in the US and Canada.  Sorry my International friends! We keep looking for contests for you guys!!!)

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