Sell Out

I guess the world does like a phone without LTE. ;)

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Google’s Nexus 4 site shows stock out in US, but some users still able to purchase
The Google Nexus 4 smartphone website indicated that the unit was sold out in the US Google Play store in both 8GB and 16GB variants, but some users are reporting that they have been …

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One thought on “Sell Out

  1. The thing is most people do not need insane speeds on a phone. More often than not you can just connect to a WiFi hot spot and bypass your carriers data charges. the only time i need my data service is when i'm driving to and from work and that's only so Pandora / g music will play any other time its connected via WiFi

    these days WiFi is everywhere
    its on the buss
    its on the light-rail
    its in your plane
    its in your coffee shop
    its in your home
    it watches you sleep
    its everywhere

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