Time to Step Up your Security Practices

The United States Secret Service, working in collaboration with Verizon, recently released a report [PDF] investigating cybercrimes which reveals that data breaches of electronic records last year involved external agents 70% of the time, insider agents 48% of the time, that 11% of the events implicated business partners, and that 27% involved multiple parties.  The good news was that the overall number of data breaches was down from the previous year.  While we are making progress, this report should serve as a call to all businesses to step up their security practices, as the report shows that organized crime was responsible for 85% of all of the data stolen last year, and they are not going to simply give up and go away.

An important step that any business conducting electronic transactions needs to take is to make sure they are PCI DSS compliant.  Recently MegaPath took the step to become a PCI Security Standards Council Participating Organization, so that we are in a better position to be able to assist our customers with meeting the core elements of the standard.  Step one is to Build and Maintain a Secure Network so that your business can Protect Cardholder Data. Your business also need to Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program and Implement Strong Access Control Measures.  Regularly Monitoring and Testing Networks is an important part of the continuous security process, and Maintaining an Information Security Policy is a best practice your business needs to implement to achieve its security goals.

PCI DSS 2.0 is nearing release, which also makes this an important time to review your current practices.  Computerworld has an article talking about what is included and the new standard, as well as what is not, and InformationWeek has a recent blog post with some idea on how you can maintain compliance while keeping costs in control.

As always, MegaPath is ready to secure your network with our Managed Security Solutions.  As a PCI Compliant Network, and a Participating Member of the PCI Security Standards Council, we continue to be in a leading position to help your business achieve compliance. In addition, the MegaPath Payment Processor Extranet service is ready and able to provide quick, reliable connectivity to top credit, debit, gift and private label card payment and check payment processors through our fully redundant network connections.  And as always, our NOC offers proactive 24×7 monitoring and support on these services, so you can have the peace of mind from knowing experts are managing your security and communications, allowing you to focus on your business.

Posted on  the MegaPath Connectivity Blog as “Now is the Time to Step Up your Security Practices”.