Credit Card Security Is Serious Business

 Yesterday Janet Wong published an article on our blog about how a lack of security compliance can be costly to your business. Fewer than 24 hours later, VentureBeat reported how a certain Google search revealed the credit card numbers of some Blippy users. (Blippy is a social shopping site that describes itself as ‘a fun and easy way to see and discuss what everyone is buying’). The most recent post I’ve seen on VentureBeat asks if this incident will damage their business.

Philip Kaplan, one of the cofounders of Blippy (who some may remember as Pud at F——, has posted his response to the situation on Blippy’s blog. Blippy reports they worked with Google to remove the search results in about 2 hours time. It is also interesting to note that Blippy includes a special section entitled ‘Security’ on their Privacy Policy page.

All of this makes Janet’s post very timely, and I encourage you all to read it. To note that protecting the private data that customers (or in this case site users) entrust to your business is critically important almost seems like a given. While the saying goes ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’, in a case like this, I doubt it will hold true.

Posted on the MegaPath Connectivity Blog.