Top 10 Managed Security Services

Internet Security issues have been getting a lot of press lately. Facebook, Twitter and LiveJournal have been the targets of recent attacks, and CNET points out that not keeping your security up to date could be part of what is enabling such activitiy. SMBs and Enterprises should take this time to review their security profile, and make sure they have considered these 10 managed security services. By working with a service provider that can offer managed services such as these, you know you have a team of professionals working 24/7 to mitigate and respond to any security threats.

  1. Managed Firewall: Detect and block suspicious network traffic
  2. Intrusion Prevention: Proactive protection against known and emerging threats
  3. Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware: Comprehensive real-time network protection
  4. Spam Tracker: Detect and manage spam on end-user desktops
  5. Web Filtering: Manage employee Internet access with White list/Black list and content filtering
  6. Site-to-Site IPsec VPN: Securely share files, applications and resources among fewer than 5 locations
  7. Site-to-Site MPLS VPN: Securely share files, applications and resources among 5 or more locations
  8. Managed SSL VPN: Securely connect retail owners to their franchises, and workers to corporate applications in case of disaster
  9. Personal Protection Suite: Managed protection for your entire workforce
  10. Secure Payment Processing: Secure, PCI Compliant connectivity to credit, debit and gift card processors

Posted on the MegaPath Connectivity Blog as “Top 10 Managed Security Practices.”