Car Camping, Camping, Hiking, Backpacking

To me, these are the four flavors of  ‘camping’.  Car camping is what I did recently, when a bunch of us went up to Cachuma Lake in Santa Barbara County, CA to celebrate some birthdays.  The vehicle near by, you just pull out the tent and sleeping bags, haul the cooler in and out as needed and have all of your untidy supplies right at hand.  Its fun and easy.  It was really easy here, almost ‘not camping’, as we brought air beds, and they had showers; $.25 got you about 5 minutes of pretty warm water.

[youtube 0ADNm5jpFoE]

I haven’ t been ‘camping’ in a while.  To me, this means basically leaving the car behind, and getting far enough away you can’t rely on it to hold all your stuff.  Hiking, of course, means breaking camp at some point during your trip, and moving to another site, and exploring throughout the day.  Backpacking is beyond hiking, moving all day, breaking camp every day; when you’re doing this, you are worried about the weight of everything!   Ah, memories of the Appalachian Trail

Anyway, at this point in my life, Car Camping suits me just fine.  You can see photos of  our weekend in the Photo Gallery.