Tonight will be the longest night in Earth's history

Happy Winter Solstice! May you enjoy additional light in your day … Until June, anyway …

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Tonight will be the longest night in Earth’s history
Today, you might already know, is the winter solstice. That means for people living in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the longest night of the year. However, as science blogger Colin Schultz points out, tonight will also be the longest night ever.

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Operations Socialist

The NSA aren't the only ones listening in, apparently; The UKs GQHC hacks Belgacom.

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Operation Socialist: How GCHQ Spies Hacked Belgium’s Largest Telco
When the incoming emails stopped arriving, it seemed innocuous at first. But it would eventually become clear that this was no routine technical problem. Inside a row of gray office buildings in Brussels, a major hacking attack was in progress. And the perpetrators were British government spies.

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OnePlus One

I've been using the 64gb sandstone version for a month or so, and the hardware is very nice. I do find that Cyanogenmod 11s reboots every now and then for no reason, which seems like a known issue.

In any case, if anyone wanted in invite to buy one, you could try these links:

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Never settle.

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