MPAA Wants Random Bag and Jacket Checks At The Movies

The day I need to get past a TSA checkpoint to see a movie in a theatre will be the last time I ever step into a theatre.

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MPAA, movie theaters announce “zero tolerance” policy against wearables
Cinema managers urged to alert police if illegal recording is suspected.

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Verizon Killed The Privacy Star

Verizon Wireless shows why net neutrality must be extended to wireless carriers, IMHO.

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Verizon’s ‘Perma-Cookie’ Is a Privacy-Killing Machine | WIRED
Verizon Wireless has been subtly altering the web traffic of its wireless customers for the past two years, inserting a string of about 50 letters, numbers, and characters into data flowing between these customers and the websites they visit. The company—one the country’s largest wireless carriers, providing cell phone service for about 123 million subscribers—calls…

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The Gentleman Who Made Google Scholar

Making the world’s problem solvers 10% more efficient

Ten years after a Google engineer empowered researchers with Scholar, he can't bear to leave it.

Anurag Acharya is the key inventor of Google Scholar, but the real origin of the project lies in his college years at the Kharagpur campus of the Indian Institute of Technology

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The Gentleman Who Made Scholar
Google’s tool for empowering research is 10 years old. Its founder is just beginning.

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Spend the $3 Million

FIFA has the money to fix this, and they should do so. Now. Before John Oliver embarrasses FIFA again.

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The next battlefield for workplace gender discrimination is artificial turf
The Women’s World Cup is heating up a battle between natural grass and artificial turf fields. Some of the world’s best players are filing a suit (pdf) against FIFA and the Canadian Soccer Association, and are arguing that the plan to play the tournament on the planned artificial turf, but not in the men’s league equivalent, is a form of gender discrimination.

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