Art Tab

Simply beautiful, both the artwork (the world's best) and the implementation. I find myself opening tabs I don't need now (I changed the settings so I get new art in every tab).

Hats off to +Google Art Project and my colleagues who made this happen!

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Starting today, discover a new way of browsing with the new Google Art Project extension that treats you to a beautiful work of art each time you open a new browser tab in +Google Chrome. See masterpieces by Van Gogh, Monet, Degas and other iconic artists from museums around the world throughout your day:


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Love Is For Everyone

Collaboration lies at the heart of Google for Work. It helps people work together and achieve great things; not just for work, but also for society.

That’s why, as Australia celebrates Mardi Gras this week, Google teamed up with local nonprofit Twenty10 to raise awareness of homophobia and transphobia by creating a nationwide musical collaboration.

Goofle went to a community day, opened a blank Google Doc, and asked people to help us write a love song. More than 1,000 people added their own lyrics, as did well-known local musicians Guy Sebastian, Megan Washington and the Jezabels.

As the lyrics came through on the Doc from multiple locations and devices, Toby Martin, a local singer-songwriter, chose his favorite lyrics and turned them into a beautiful song, which he performed at the end of the day.

You can download the song for free on Google Play. For every time it’s downloaded until Mardi Gras ends, Google will donate $1 to Twenty10 (up to $50,000)

As Toby sings, love is for everyone.

Not just another love song

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Presidential Candidate ███ █████ Dumps Emails, Home Addresses, SSN of Florida Residents Online. Oops.

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Jeb Bush dumps emails including social security numbers of Florida residents online
Jeb Bush, a rumored 2016 Republican presidential candidate, just decided to publish hundreds of thousands of emails sent to him during his time as governor of Florida. On its face it seems like a…

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